What You Can Do to Avoid Burnout

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3 min readApr 7, 2022
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Yesterday, I wrote about the symptoms you experience when burnout is creeping in. Today, I want to share my basic tips to avoid these symptoms from escalating.

It’s challenging to stop falling into the rabbit hole of never-ending negative physical and mental feelings, but the sooner you take action, the better and the easier it is.

Pat yourself on the back if possible. If you are not flexible enough, ask a loved one to help you or find help online, there are ways to find accountability, or coaching services, including on our website, if you don’t want to be alone in this.

Once again today, I will make it short and straight to the point. This article is supposed to be helpful, not a piece of literary exercise. So read, take notes, but mainly take action!

The classic steps to take

  • Exercise (I walked out my burnout, it was not easy, but it worked). Burnout feels like it’s poisoning your body as much as your mind. Moving helps get the poison out.
  • Fresh air because staying inside is not healthy, except when you have hay fever during springtime. But even so, you should make arrangements to be able to take some fresh air better more often than less, if you want my opinion.
  • Distraction, if it’s a healthy distraction. Digital distraction is not healthy. Caring for someone, a pet, a garden, or plants is a healthy distraction. You can also choose to volunteer, a new hobby; pottery involves touch, a powerful distraction. Photography is somewhat immersive too.
  • Diet, of course, I had to mention this one because the most accessible derivative when burnout starts to creep in is unhealthy food and beverages. Then it can rapidly become a new addictive behaviour. Drink a lot of water, eat homemade food (fresh and whole foods). Avoid fried food, refined flour and sugar, or any processed food in general.

The unusual steps to take:

  • Read and watch positive show only. Be very selective about what you consume on the internet, on TV or when reading. Choose light, easy reads, joyful even! Choose wisely and forget, for a time, world news. Don’t worry; the world will keep spinning even without you watching! The last thing you want is to add someone else’s misery to your current state.
  • Cuddle! I have mentioned the power of touch. If pottery and a handmade loaf of bread are great activities to distract your brain, cuddling a loved one or a pet is the best. Honestly, I’m not much of a hugger in general. I sometimes have to force myself when I’m feeling down to speak the truth. But I immediately feel much better. In our modern world, we are slowly losing connection with touch. You know the “keep in touch” phrase. It’s not good. One experiences loneliness because they have no one by their side to hold a hand, touch a shoulder or sit side by side on a couch. Touch is important, don’t forget that!
  • Earthing, because after hugging someone or a pet, hugging a tree, or walking barefoot comes second in the most powerful way to reverse bad energies within yourself!
  • Awaken your senses, touch of course, and smell, sight, hearing, or taste. Refresh your home, car, office, clean and clear your space from clutter. Welcome some scents with candles or essential oils, listen to some soothing music (clinically proven to be efficient as a recovering therapy); there are numerous ways to use your senses and your environment to counteract the adverse effects of a creeping burnout!

Your takeaway

Noticing that something is wrong and that there is a lack of balance in your life is crucial. Being mindful helps, but then what can you do? Certainly not ignoring the issue! Burnout won’t go away. It will settle and can rapidly turn into depression if you don’t take care of it! I hope my action steps can help, but I want to remind you that if you are responsible for being mindful of your mental and physical state, you should not feel that you are on your own in this journey toward recovery!

Have a great day 🤍



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