Use Music to Boost Your Efficiency

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2 min readSep 13, 2022
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Music is a great tool to influence the way you think. Turn on some sad songs, and you will experience a more melancholic state. Turn on some songs that you love and want to dance to, and you’ll boost your mood!

Music helps you track your working time

Do you need to pace your work but don’t want to be overwhelmed by a timer? Listening to some music while remaining mindful of the length of your playlist will help you keep track of time.

Music has a powerful effect on your mood and your brain waves.

Research about binaural beat clearly shows that music can affect your brain’s waves frequency. It means that you can set yourself into focus mode thanks to the right music.

What kind of music?

  • Classical music clearly is more than adequate to focus or relax because it has all the characteristics needed: no lyrics, a regular rhythm, and most of the time, no low beats to stress your brain.
  • Sounds of nature are a way to bathe yourself in nature while working. What can I say; sounds of nature are, in essence, natural to us. We have lived for thousands of years listening to them and only to them. They are soothing and set us back to a relaxed state very easily. Although I do not think we should get used to falling asleep by listening to some white noise or music, I believe that in some cases, and as the need arises, they are a great tool to fall asleep easily.
  • Binaural beats have been created to influence your brain’s wave frequency. So they are the quintessence of what should help you get into a flow state, a fully awaken state, a focus state, or a sleepy state.
  • Songs with lyrics for easier tasks are also fine. You should keep in mind that low beats or abrupt changes in sound or noise level are not favourable for our focus.

Your takeaway

If silence is important for your brain’s health, listening to the right music can improve your efficiency and wellbeing. Music can be a powerful ally to help you focus, relax, fall asleep or simply boost your mood. Some studies have even shown that music can help some people with ADHD improve their focus potential.

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