This Is How I Love to Use Lavender

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I love lavender. I come from the South East of France, where lavender is simply part of life. I love using essential oils, and lavender was the first, and for a while, the only essential oil I was using. However, I do not use it anymore. The reason is that everyone in my family, for over 3 generations, has had some skin intolerance to this product after years of use. Now,I love using lavender in two ways, and both involve dried flowers.

Lavender in tiny bags

I love having this scent in my folded clothes or linen. Whenever you don’t use anything fabric for a while, it can start to smell or even attract moths. In my opinion, so many things can go wrong when fabric is not being used. I have always seen little bags of dried lavender flowers amongst our family wardrobes and trunks. It ensures nothing unpleasant happens from not unfolding your clothes or linen for a while. Plus, it leaves a nice smell in your trunk, wardrobe, bag, suitcase, etc.

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to find these lavender bags on the internet for a tiny amount of money. However, if you want something cheaper and local, I hugely advise bulk buying dried lavender flowers. You can create your own lavender bags by reusing tiny cotton or muslin bags (anything thin but resistant enough so that your lavender won’t spill all other clothes).

Lavender in drinks

These are my all-time favourite whenever I want a little treat. I love two kinds of drinks (I also love lavender ice cream, but this is easy to find only in the south of France, in my experience): syrup-based drinks and herbal teas.

They are both relaxing and a great way to reduce stress or anxiety. At night, it is helpful if you have trouble sleeping.

Lavender syrup

I make my own, and I am lucky enough to be able to use my own organic lavender.

Stay tuned! I’m soon posting this recipe on Medium!

Lavender syrup is an excellent drink during hot summer days and any time of the year. Only a few drops can give the most fantastic flavour to a glass of water.

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