The Financial Trap of Convenience

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2 min readNov 1, 2023
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We benefit from many tools created to “make our lives better”. But do they really? Under a label of convenience and praise for life improvement and care for personal well-being, it seems that we’ve been trapped in an even more consumerist cycle.

If you want to have access to a world of knowledge, here is the Internet. There is so much to learn and discover on this platform, and everything seems to evolve constantly. There’s always a new gadget or an improved version of an item you already own! Being on the Internet creates a sense of FOMO of consumerism.

You also want to be able to pay online, so you get a credit card. They even allow you to spend before you’ve even earned it! If you want to have coffee on the go everywhere to boost your happiness and productivity, here is an 8$ coffee. However, you actually save 5 cents and the planet if you bring your own cup, which costs you an extra 30$ (it will take 600 coffees to pay it off by the way, but will it even last that long?)

You have difficulties staying fit while driving everywhere, buy this fancy smartwatch. It’s 600$ and needs a lot of subscriptions to be able to offer all the promised services. You’ll also need several wristband replacements every year. But you’ll be able to count your steps (which your phone already does)! A basic sports watch costs a good 30$ and lasts at least 3 years before needing a battery replacement. It means that your smartwatch will have to last 60 years, and that doesn’t include any subscriptions or wristband replacements.

You want beautiful nails, let’s pay 120$ for a pedicure and 80$ for a manicure, not including tips, of course. A nail polish only costs 15$, and this is for a large bottle, but only if you do it yourself.

This convenience is offered everywhere in the name of caring for our easy way of life and well-being. Not to mention the usual “save time to work more and make more money”. Indeed, we are lured into a trap of high spending that we can’t afford except if we are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, but guess what: they don’t fall for these consumerist traps!



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