Take Notes to Keep Your Brain a Happy Minimalist Space

Gaelle DGSage
4 min readMay 2, 2022
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Today is about how to work on a minimalist brain. I love to find ways to adapt minimalism to my brain because, after all, it’s the place we hold on to clutter in the most! Not to mention, it’s way more difficult to trash things in there than it is in your home.

Of course, the “letting go” method is terrific. It’s a simple exercise. Practiced daily, it will help you get rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore in the long run. But, like it is best not to buy unnecessary things rather than having to get rid of superfluous stuff, it is best not to stock up on what is not helpful. Your brain space is as precious and unique, if not more, than your physical space!

The art of taking notes

Taking notes is the best way I’ve found, not to keep in mind things I know won’t be necessary to remember. When I say taking notes, I mean in various ways.

  • I keep things I want to keep handy on my phone at all times.
  • I have a notebook for notes about special projects because handwriting helps me think. However, I do not take hand notes about texts I will end up typing. I find it to be a waste of time.
  • I use Google Calendar for any meeting, reminder, event, or recurring time-sensitive tasks.
  • Lastly, I use Notion for anything else (non-time-sensitive events or tasks, notes related to my work that are ideas but not references that I need to work and reflect on, essential bookmarks from the internet, lists, or daily to-dos)

The lost art of handwriting

Today, people tend to take notes on their phones or laptops, letting handwriting on the side. I won’t deny that digital notes and texts are amazingly productive and convenient. I’m a digital worker after all! But there are benefits to writing things by hand we can’t ignore. It’s a shame to lose this ability.

A study in Norway recently showed that handwriting is wiring way more connections in your brain than typing on a keyboard. Indeed another study even proved that typing was merely lighting any brain cells!

The benefits have been demonstrated several times on children, but imagine the benefits in the long run! If you spend your…

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