My Simple Lavender Syrup recipe

Gaelle DGSage
2 min readMar 3

Lavender has many benefits for the whole body and mind, but mainly, it’s a great soothing anything. The lavender syrup is a treat for either cold on a hot day or warm on a chilly evening.

This recipe uses sugar. If you want to switch to a sugar sweetener like stevia, try a sample before using a lot of lavender and then realize the sweetener you used tastes off! Lavender molecules can quickly become unpleasant if mixed with the wrong ingredients. However, I make sure that the syrup is charged in lavender, so very little is necessary to bring a subtle but delicious flavour and aroma to your drinks.

Please find the recipe here. It can also come in a card format, which you can download for free below!


· 30 lavender stems

· 250ml water

· 350g sugar

Tools needed:

· 1 saucepan

· 1 wooden spatula

· 1 glass container with a lid

· 1 bottle with a good cap

Everything must be impeccably clean, don’t hesitate to sanitize your utensils.


· Bring the ingredients to a boiling point while stirring.

· Turn the temperature to low and cover.

· Let it infuse for 2 minutes on the stove.

· Then let it sit for 48 hours in a glass container.

· Filter and pour into a bottle.

This syrup must be kept in the fridge for a longer shelf life. However, please don’t keep it for more than 6 months. I’m pretty sure, it won’t last that long since it is so delicious!

Enjoy some delicious and calming lavender syrup in your hot and cold beverages all year!

Gaelle DGSage

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