Mastering a Simple Life in Times of Change

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2 min readOct 4, 2023
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I love saying that you should only replace the things you use. All the rest should be discarded if broken or donated without replacement. Most often, we donate things out of boredom and then spend more to try to find a replacement of some sort. Sorry to burst your bubble, but not so long ago, people weren’t bored out of stuff, and shopping was never in the spectrum of activities.

There is an exception to my rule: Life changes. When unexpected or expected changes occur, it forces us to reconsider everything (including our belongings).

I know something about changes. In the past three years, I saw both my kids leave the nest (a bit sooner than first expected), and moved to another city (for the 12th time in 20 years). Of course, we also went through the series of lockdowns in Ontario and Quebec like everyone else. During those three years, I also lost my mom and my brother, and I saw my father age in a lonely family home that he cannot maintain alone anymore.

I never imagined in January 2020 that even one of these things would happen in the following 3 years, not to mention all of them. That was a lot of change, maybe too much. As a good minimalist, I reacted by getting rid of almost all my stuff. I purged the things in my life just like life purged all of mine one by one.

All of this is to say that, when life changes, your belongings also do because they are tools to live your life. Each new situation brings new needs.

Well, you shouldn’t purchase something just in the hope of changing your current state. You should never put this much hope in an inanimate object. Anything you purchase is a great tool if you understand your needs. No new object will make you change your mindset in the long run.

So yes, you should adapt your possessions when your life changes, but not vice versa. Do not change your stuff, waiting for your life to change on its own.



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