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3 min readOct 4, 2022
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I’ve recently read an article about danish habits, and one of them was about how they indulge in daily sweets. I do not know Denmark well; I’ve only spent a couple of weeks on vacation both in Copenhagen and the countryside. However, I clearly remember that we struggled to find fresh food for our daily meals. Maybe we didn’t know much about where to find fresh food. Nevertheless, it struck us that there was more room in grocery stores, even in the countryside, for sweets than for veggies and fruits.

Some say that this habit keeps the Danish people happy on rainy days. I realized that unnoticed daily habits could seem harmless, positive even. However, they can build up a terrible structure for our health in the long run.

Here are a few things you can check daily to improve your health and make your body happy:

Eat greens at each meal

Eating green veggies will bring the most benefits to your gut health. Gut and brain health are both heavily related; eating a portion of greens daily will make your whole body happy. If you make it the basis of your plate, even better.

Drink water during your breaks

I will not give any further explanation on the importance of drinking water. I use a simple trick: cutting down my work with water breaks. I get off my chair and usually go to the washroom and drink a glass of fresh water or herbal tea, depending on the season, temperature, and mood. That makes you drink plenty of this golden liquid, preventing you from drinking too much during your meals, which slows down your digestion.

Daily stretching sessions

If you were to do only one stretch exercise, it should be stretching from your bed right after waking up. It will change your whole day and slowly get you into a better, more flexible body. Five minutes daily is enough to see some changes. As your body ages, it becomes stiffer. Stretching daily improves your well-being and your mood. Believe me, living in an aching body is exhausting and consuming.

Silent moments

I don’t mean total silence, but just no TV show going on in the background, or podcast, or music. Listen to the ambient noise. Your brain needs to enjoy some quiet time daily to relax. We are slowly losing this ability, especially with the pandemic and the need to work from home. Noise reduction headphones have become the norm, and too many keep them constantly on one ear. That is not healthy for your ears and your brain. It slowly drives you towards a dependence on a noisy environment. This noise will lead you to burnout or at least lead to chronic exhaustion.

Use your fingers on something else than your keyboard or your screens

There are so many ways to use your hands to make something. Writing, cooking, painting, sewing, knitting or crocheting, painting your nails yourself, gardening (even indoor), etc. Whatever appeals to you, you should do it from time to time.

Computers and smartphones are great tools, but they remove something from our lives. We need to do some things manually to revive the mind-body connection.

Your takeaway

It doesn’t take much daily or weekly to make your body happy. It needs nourishment, a little love and attention. It needs a purpose. If you feel like your body doesn’t make much of a difference in your life, I’m sorry to say you are doing it wrong. Your body is your only home for life. You can’t ignore it, just like you can’t ignore a roof issue in your house or a leak in the plumbing.

Have a great day 🤍



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