Increase Your Happiness through Your Mind-Body Connection

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3 min readOct 26, 2022
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Modern medicine has made us believe that the body and its health differ from the mind and its health. Favouring surgery and treatments for internal organs only made us believe that our body is a machine that needs simple maintenance and checkups. The issue is our “body machine” is linked and managed by a powerful and very complex computer. If the computer goes wrong, the machine won’t work. If the machine isn’t functioning, the computer has nothing to command and can’t care for itself properly.

Happiness is a state of mind, so feeling happy if your brain or your body isn’t functioning the right way is harder. It’s time to care for it; this is how:

Why yoga can help

Yoga is the perfect mind-body connection exercise. It requires you to remain fully aware of your body’s senses and reaction to each pose and movement. However, there is no yoga without consciousness or no mindfulness. Therefore, yoga is a great practice to reconnect your mind to your body

Mindfulness for the mind-body connection

That’s right; mindfulness is an excellent exercise for those who need to reconnect their mind to their body. We are not aware of our body’s needs anymore because we believe that numbing our senses will help us more. Plus, we try to ignore our mental distresses because “they are not real,” right? “They are in your head?” We have been trained since a young age to ignore our feelings and our emotions. “Don’t cry; you should be tough!” “Don’t smile; this is serious stuff!”

Mindfulness helps us become more aware of the present, therefore, what’s happening in our brain and our body. By improving our awareness, we are also improving our mind-body connection.

Keep some time for yourself

We all lack time to play, have fun, daydream, even sleep, eat healthily. But the issue is, in the long run, we simply forget ourselves completely. We don’t know our bodies; we ignore exhaustion, we ignore stress until it’s too late, and our body is shutting down to say “stop.”

It has become scary to have free time, but it is actually important from time to time to face our thoughts, our fears, and our pain and also acknowledge them. Facing what’s wrong is the only way to heal properly.


Science is starting to recognize the influence of the body on the brain and vice-versa. It’s no use to shut one and wait for the other to work correctly. There are ways to improve our mind-body connection, and, for a start, slowing down from time to time is a simple step.

Being at ease in your head and your body is a simple way to improve your level of satisfaction, therefore, your happiness at a deep inner level. There is no mood improvement as efficient as feeling great!

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