I should have created a to-do list today!

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2 min readJan 18, 2023
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I’m all about getting organized. I have published several articles about goals, time blocking, and other organizing methods within the past year.

However, I failed today. To speak the truth, I’ve been failing for quite a while. I don’t write my daily to-do anymore. Some days I get my work done thanks to my time-blocking method, but some days like today, I just want to give up in the middle of my non-existent to-do list.

Getting everything done as usual

When everything goes perfectly in a perfect life on Fridays, I have a writing day. I wake up, go through my morning routine, then do my yoga and my meditation. At 10:30, I start writing before lunch.

The tricky unplanned

Today, I had to go grocery shopping for a special family meal during my usual writing time. So I started writing after lunch instead of before.

When I was done, however, I should have tried to squeeze more things in — whatever I should have been doing in the afternoon. But there I was, sitting in front of my laptop, convincing myself I already did enough for today. I had to create a menu for our dinner and then handle the groceries all by myself.

The feeling of accomplishment

After all these unplanned events, I managed to get my writing done, which was my must-do of the day. For a Friday, I felt accomplished. After all, aren’t Friday afternoons supposed to be chill?

But what about my afternoon schedule? Without a daily to-do, I’m cancelling everything else I should be doing to enjoy a quiet late afternoon. My unmentioned schedule doesn’t feel mandatory anymore.

I should have made a to-do

With a to-do list, I have a clear view of the tasks I want to get done by the end of the day. Even if part of them is already checked, I can’t pretend the rest of it doesn’t exist. Without a to-do list, I simply want to forget about what remains. I can skip it, just for today!

A simple brain dump of my daily tasks would have been enough. These 3 minutes would have saved my afternoon tasks.


Time blocking is a powerful tool that helps anyone be efficient while remaining flexible, but it needs a daily to-do list. When life happens, we tend to want to forget about secondary, though still important, tasks. Sometimes, wanting to simplify could be more efficient and productive!

Have a great day 🤍



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