How We Created a Simple Family Home We Love and Use

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3 min readNov 16, 2022
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Here we are. My husband and I are fast approaching being 50, with two adult children who moved out last year. We have spent the last 18 months moving from one Airbnb to another. Except for a couple of months in France, in my family house. It was freeing, but it was exhausting. We may get a bit old to be always on the move.

However, what we learnt is clear and simple: we don’t want a forever home. We don’t want to be stuck in one place. The lifestyle we’ve had as a family definitely impacted the way we want to spend our “old couple” years.

The perfect solution, at least for now

Honestly, this decision was greatly influenced by the crazy short rental’s increasing prices. It’s not even worth it to rent short term in Canada, even if we spend 4 to 5 months in Europe. Plus, we’ve been cancelled at the last minute so many times that we got tired of this uncertainty about our lodging. So we went back to long-term rental.

However, we didn’t resettle like we used to when we were a family. We didn’t create a home sweet home for us two. We wanted to make a home for both of us and for our children to feel free to use whenever they need it. We created a private Airbnb of a sort. The rules are simple: when someone frees up a bedroom, their personal belongings are to be stored in a trunk. Whatever stays needs to be used by anyone living in the apartment.

Settling down in a very neutral and simple way

It was simple yet tricky to restrain myself from superfluous purchases. We defined what we needed to live comfortably. Meaning eat, work and sleep. And we did our best to add nothing more. We chose simple and sturdy furniture that everyone can enjoy and use.

We thought out of the box to spend our money on what was needed and made some choices that suited us but may seem awkward or impossible to others. We created a home sweet home that is easy to use, comfortable and welcoming for all of us when we need it.

Rethinking minimalism

We have been living minimally for decades, but we had to rethink things a little. It’s no longer about having a set of bed sheets per bed or just one towel per person. It’s about running a tiny hotel: we have to be able to come and go and have fresh linen when we arrive.

If you are not a minimalist or aspiring to live minimally, this may seem like a useless consideration. But actually, they are not: this is all about questioning what we really need and avoiding anything useless. This goes when sorting down or when upgrading from a nomadic lifestyle.


This little story of us resettling down partially is a way of telling that you have to do what goes for you without considering what others have in their home, even if it’s as weird as not owning a couch or nightstands. In the end, it’s your home, so you do you. Whoever wants to judge is not relevant.

My second thought is, being free from stuff does not mean not owning any. It means that you own stuff you are not afraid to use daily, share with your family and make great memories thanks to them. They are tools to live your life, your life memories.

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