Have you reviewed your hobbies budget?

Gaelle DGSage
2 min readApr 7

Hobbies are all about doing what we love without any constraints or stress. They are a nice way to take your mind off of things while still being productive.

Hobbies, however, can be time and money consuming.

That’s why you may want to consider (or reconsider) a thing or two when planning your free time if you don’t want to end up having to give it up completely, especially when money’s tight.

1. Make a financial assessment

Having and loving a hobby should not be a financial burden. There are some ways to make hobbies less budget heavy.

First off, stick to the basic tools. You don’t need to buy the latest gadgets. After all, the time you spend practicing makes you happy, not having the perfect tools! You don’t have to wear the newest attire for any sports. Most of the time, sticking to beginner gear is enough. Remember that renting is a good option for beginners or if you often change hobbies (or size).

So, spend less time shopping and more time practicing!

Another thing to consider is that having too much stuff related to your hobby may take up precious space in your home. It also means that you need to care after even more stuff.

2. Consider making your hobby a new source of income

This has two advantages. First, it will pay for itself, helping you with your finances. Nobody wants to avoid extra money, especially when the reward comes from something you love.

If it goes well, it may ensure you a side hustle in case you need some extra money. Losing one’s job isn’t a great experience. It’s much easier to overcome the challenge when you know you’ve got some ways to keep money flowing in, even when it’s minimal.

In the end, you may end up with an opportunity to change your career entirely! It’s better to have a choice anyways.

The second point to consider is the accumulation of your creations. When your hobby is a creative hobby, you may end up with many paintings, sculptures, ceramics, knits, etc. Trust me, there comes a time when you have enough. Selling what you make is a great way to cash in to buy new material, get rid of some of your creations, and make room for new ones.


Your hobbies are to be cherished, but don’t let them become a financial burden. Nobody needs that, and it would take away all the joy from what you love eventually. Consider budgeting to ensure you are not spending too much and turning it into an extra source of income!

Gaelle DGSage

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