Do You Live in the Perfect Place?

Gaelle DGSage
3 min readMay 12, 2022
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Our family has had ten different “permanent” addresses or domiciliations, and lived on two different continents, three different countries with two different languages. Since January 2021, we have lived in 17 different places. None of our moves are an expatriation. We always deal with everything by ourselves, from finding a new job to registering our kids in a good school. More importantly, we have always chosen where we wanted to live because we wanted to live there. A job or a company never imposed it.

I believe we know a thing or two about finding the right place.

Do you want to know which of these places was the right one? Almost all of them (with a couple of exceptions within the past 6 months). How is this possible? Because each place was the perfect one for us at the time.

Accepting our choices

First and foremost, finding the perfect place has a lot to do with coming to terms with our choices. When you settle in a new home, you can find everything you lack compared to your previous location or what was alive in your imagination. Or you can be happy with the new opportunities this place has to offer. Choosing the second mindset is far more rewarding in terms of contentment.

Embrace your new place

I try to find unusual things to do in our new neighbourhood or city. We always moved to have new experiences, so it only made sense to adapt and participate in the local activities. It was easy to practice hockey and figure skating in Montreal. I had a lot of choices for adult beginner language classes in Paris. I was able to participate in various DIY workshops in England, etc.

Do your research beforehand

If you fantasize about hockey classes in the Caribbean, you may be disappointed! With the internet, it’s so easy to grab a glimpse of the usual things to do in your next place! Do some research so you won’t be disappointed when moving in. It’s easier to find what you imagined if your imagination works on actual facts. You’ll be able to imagine yourself accurately.

It’s not about the coordinates

Let me tell you a secret: the perfect place has nothing to do with the location. It has everything to do with your level of contentment. This can be based on the mood and people in your neighbourhood that you can choose, or the people surrounding you, your job, your projects, how you organize your life, your level of stress, and your health. None of these depend on the perfect or not so perfect city or country.

Some of the places we lived in were amazing, yet not so perfect for us because we were attached to different values!

Your takeaway

Finding your perfect place has a lot to do with finding your ideal lifestyle, more than finding the proper city. The perfect home can be anywhere as long as your heart feels happy and your brain feels fulfilled!

Have a great day 🤍

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