Do You Live a Digital Life? How to Enjoy More Real Life

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4 min readMay 9, 2022
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We are definitely living in a digital world. Most of us depend on our phones and computers for pretty much everything we have to do. Our work, our connection with poeple with love, and our leisure even belongs to the digital world.

Digital is amazing, it helps us live with less physical clutter, connect with anyone on the planet instantly for free, be able to see our grand children grow, and our parents age from anywhere in the world. It allows us to improve work life balance, become an entrepreneur in a few click and fulfill our dreams.

In 2019, people spent on average almost 7 hours a day online. Since the pandemic, and the massive digital transition, this time has dramatically increased.

Living a digital life

We have been stuck at home with our screens as the only connection with the rest of the world for months. We have found that it was beneficial in some ways. Remote working or part time remote working has many advantages regarding quality of life, time management, finances and organization.

I won’t argue on these as I highly appreciate this way of life. But not everyone enjoys being digital for work or studies, and even I who appreciate my digital work, mindfully recognize that I need some real life interaction with people.

After less than a year of confinement in Toronto, we had to get out to the country side, which we did gladly. Now, I love that we can balance our lives between city life and country life.

I love to work digitally because it is efficient in many ways, and business is about efficiency.

But there is one downside that I didn’t expect in my slowly but surely complete digital life. I missed creating things. I create digitally a lot, and certainly more than I used to create in real life. But I use to play the piano and dabbled at other instruments. I used to crochet and sow. I used to create wooden objects for my kids.

I used to repair and restore old furnitures and our home. I don’t anymore. Mainly because I lack the time, also because of our half nomadic life, or the fact that in the midst of my digital transition, my interests have shifted, and I am not interested in my old hobbies as much.

The issue is, between all these reasons, I realized I don’t create anything that’s not digital anymore. It’s practical when you travel to bring everything you need on a laptop, but it lacks the feeling of using your hands on something else than a keyboard.

Living a real life

The issue with a 100% digital life is that you loose contact with the real world slowly and almost unknowingly. Even going to the gym as your only physical activity will never replace a walk in nature or a hike, a swim in fresh water or a bicycle ride.

All these real activities help us get out of our head. These show us that there is more outside. We don’t cycle that much on our anxieties, our fears, our little daily tiny issues that take the size of a dinosaur.

Living for real a few minutes a day is what helps us belong to the world, being in society (the real one, not the digital one), or nature. Studies start acknowledging the fact that the new generation loses the ability to assess people’s emotions by reading their face. They are connected to thousands of “friends” in an instant, but can’t read their real friends’ emotions anymore.

How to include more realness in your life

Real life is at your door step. Go outside, go outdoors, invite real friends over for an activity, go to a painting class, or a yoga studio. Slow down while you do real things, whether it is washing the dishes by hand or practicing meditative yoga instead of a classic yoga class on Youtube.

Find something to create with your own hands, artistically, practically, there are many ways to create in real life.

Meet up with a friend, in a real cafe, or online but one on one, and actually take the time to listen and watch them.

Your takeaway

Real life is life. Digital life, is not real, it is a great tool, but it is just that: a tool. As much as you need real food, real water or real sleep, you need some more realness in your life than online meetings, online classes, online creation and online entertainment!

Go live a little more and a little less digital and see how good it feels.

Have a great day 🤍



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