Do You Have a Doer Mindset?

Gaelle DGSage
3 min readMar 2, 2022
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Each person has a natural way of filling their time. Some like to think and reflect some like to learn, some create, some make, etc.

I have often been told that I am too much thinker and not taking action enough.

That’s me. I like to have ideas; some are good, and with time and experience, I like to think that I’ve learned to filter them. So many are good, but some are less good. Nevertheless, my issue is that it’s hard for me to take action on my ideas.

Sometimes I’d like to be more of a doer, so to improve, I did what anybody would do to learn something new: I started by doing my research and understanding who doers are.

1- Doers don’t wait to take action

Oh, wonderful mindset! I can imagine what it would be if the day I have one of my perfect ideas, I could take action on it immediately! No brainer, no worries, I would try it on the spot! Doers don’t wait, and by doing so, they avoid the turmoil of the worry wheel. I am a thinker and a worrier, and when writing this, I now see how the two are related; I would not worry if I wasn’t thinking that much!

Doers don’t second or third guess. They try. At one point, it’s crucial to try. You can’t know everything if you try nothing. Trials and error are part of growth and make life an adventure.

2- Doers achieve more

This one is a consequence of the first one, but I believe it to be priceless. Achieving more is the key to finding what works and what doesn’t. Achievements are also what makes our life fulfilled. As much of a thinker as I can be, at one point, I feel fully fulfilled when I reach my goals, therefore when I’m taking action.

I also believe that we get far less frustrated when we fail after achieving something than remaining frustrated by not doing anything. At least, when you take action, you learn from your mistakes. You can try something else by adapting what worked and what didn’t. You grow!

When you never take action, you can only feel frustrated, even more when you see people try, fail and/or succeed around you.

3- Doers tend to lack planning

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